Possible site configuration

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Possible site configuration


While we don’t have a definite site plan yet, we have proposed a concept. Please remember, this is just a concept! There are a couple of things that don’t really stand out from looking at a 2D map, though.

First, the stand alone units are only one floor high. After the Open House with the neighbours, that was clearly a concern, so the proposed Land Use District now says that the maximum height is “1 storey not exceeding 6.0 m for principal building”. While the buildings presented here are all duplex units, there may be different configurations of 3-plex or even 4-plex, where inner units are smaller with single car garages. Again, the whole purpose of building a Retirement Living Campus is to try to minimize the number of stairs and keep as much as possible on one level.

Second, if the apartment style buildings are built as they’re presented on this site map, the one on the north end will need to be built in tiers so that there is no overshadowing of properties to the east. The property is an odd shape to start, so it was challenging to make good use of the northeast corner without building too many roads.

All of the details will be worked out after this next step, and the public input will be sought at the Development Permit stage.

5 Responses

  1. Maureen Gallacher says:


  2. Leona Sander says:

    Not interested. We only need 750-800 sq.ft. No stairs. Allow a few flowers. A place to sit outdoors. Easy to go for a walk. Walking paths, parking area maybe covered, but not garages, underground crap.

    In CA see Leisure World, Seal Beach. Very restricted as to whom is allowed.
    Conjoined homes, all main floor, have to prove can pay. This one is very large, 7 clubhouses. Most amenities. We don’t warrant that here.

    Please not Kinniburgh. Don’t know a soul, not close to shopping.

    No Frills area a better choice, or Chelsea..

    • Maria says:

      I have lived on East Lakeview Road for 5 years now, and I do not support this development. This street is already unsafe for young families due to traffic & lack of sidewalks. We do not need a permanent increase in population. As others have said, there is also no nearby amenities for these seniors to enjoy, they will have to drive to get groceries, see the doctor, pharmacy etc.

      I have been working with the senior popular for 10+ years. I support senior housing, but elsewhere. This is just an awful idea for this specific area, I hope it never gets approved.

  3. Curtis says:

    Terrible location.

  4. Julie Cragg says:

    Thank you for looking to take away recreation space from the children and residents of my community to make housing for seniors so far away from all of the amenities that Chestermere has to offer for proffit. What will the price points be, this needs to be discusses up front to understand if there is even a need or desire for this? Additionally, how do you plan to keep the community 55+ when all of the untis dont sell, or are you going to hold off development of those lots or are you going to spec build and hold anything that is not sold or will you start to let people who are not 55+ purchase too, condo boards are not effective tools against these types or rules which age disriminate. If you cared it would be great to help the stalled out townhouse development in Kinninburgh that has been sitting half completed and full of garbage for at least 5 years now, why not buy the second section of that development and build 4 plexes or the appartment style building there for seniors where there is already another taller structure located and is closer to what could possibly be some more ammenities one day? This is just craziness, the camp wanted the land initially, I realize they messed up on follow through and that frustrates me that now this is the current situation resulting from that, but it’s clear why this land was scooped up then – just to re-zone to make a proffit off of and not to add any recreation to this community.

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