First Reading Received

The Mainstays: a foundation for a stronger community

First Reading Received

On July 28, 2020 Chestermere City Council considered and granted First Reading of an Amendment to the MDP, the Southeast Chestermere ASP, the Kinniburgh North Outline Plan/Land Use Redesignation, and the Land Use Bylaw as the first official step toward the development of Chestermere’s first Retirement Living Campus: The Mainstays.

You can read all about this on Pages 165-232 of the Council Agenda or watch the video (found at this same link), starting at approximately 6:42.

3 Responses

  1. GRANT FLAIG says:

    I attended the first open house as did all residents directly affected by this development. Without a doubt, you know very well that there was absolutely no support for this at all. And yet here we go again. It is a continual battle in this city with so called developers. All you folks care about is what you can get out of it and you do not care for any of us that will actually be the most affected. Pretty typical but certainly not unexpected.

    After that meeting you simply vanished. Not a word from you until magically you go around our backs and get a reading at City Hall.

    So how can the city even consider this again after failed attempts for the exact same type of developments before. This is simply ridiculous. I believe you said you were involved with the Prince of Peace development. How did that all work out??

    Now you want to do the same crap here knowing full well that you will get the same feedback from the same people. also very nice of you to try and buy your way in with the camp but again, anything to get your way and fill your pockets. How about you give me an acre of land across from my house too.

    There is nothing in this proposed location for seniors which you readily admit. Your reasoning remains that the areas around the amenities are all taken already so lets just keep pushing it with no support from those of us that will live with it every minute. You must have friends in high places.

  2. Schmeiser says:

    Done mid-summer during Covid-19 not very community minded. Not in favour.

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